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Tell Us What You Think!

Posted by Myra I. Roche on March 20, 2012

Do you think people should be able to obtain incidental WES results? Click to vote in the poll.


One Response to “Tell Us What You Think!”

  1. kraspberry said

    Whether people receive incidental findings of WES raises a host of ethical, social and legal issues, not the least of which begin with the question itself. Who should decide whether an individual has access to all the information from testing their whole genome? The scientists who discover and identify the scientific and medical meaning of chromosomal variants? The clinicians who need to communicate the medical import (or not) of such findings? The individual who may/may not use such information to make personal, medical and reproductive decisions? There are various actors with dynamic roles in the production and use of incidental findings in WES, including the findings themselves which may evolve over time from being ambiguous uncertain genomic variations to significant, “medically-actionable” results. The complexity of incidental findings in WES testing requires critical and nuanced analysis and debate representing the perspectives of all involved.

    This blog, and the related polls, are one element in beginning such debate. Thank you to Myra Roche for providing a forum for all of us to participate, even those like me (down in tropical Miami) who are geographically distanced from but virtually present at the Center for Genomics and Society!

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